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Over the past few years, I have been dedicated to practicing information security, helping clients reduce risks and improve their security programs.  I regularly led engagements to help keep organizations secure including penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, security audits and program development.  I hold my CISSP as well as certification on ISO/IEC 27002:2013.

I am now settled down in a large regional health system as an Information Security Architect.  My responsibilities include consulting with business units regarding projects of all sizes, working with cross functional teams of architects to ensure that the design and implementation of new an existing systems will minimize risk, and working with a team of security engineers to manage and maintain the information security program.

I have over nine years of information technology consulting experience and over a decade of technology related experience for a number of different industries centered around IT.  I have in depth experience in a number of verticals including legal, healthcare, and financial services. I also have over 5 years specifically focused in information security in an enterprise environment.

I have experience communicating with executive level audiences and the ability to easily convey both technical and business topics in a way that is easily understood. Additionally, I have over four years of strategy and management planning with non-profits.  This includes compliance, financial and leadership planning.  I love sharing my experience and knowledge with those who want to make a difference in our city and around the world.  I am a regular guest speaker in UAB’s school of business for a non-profit management class, and I have worked with various for-profit and non-profit organizations around Birmingham.

Non Profit Focus:

I have been leading, planning, assisting or advising The Common Thread Community in some capacity for nearly 5 years now in operations, finances, strategy, administration, human resources and compliance.  This has afforded me a wealth of knowledge regarding strategies that work well and those that don’t.  We have created many of our processes and methods from the ground up.  Some things we do well, and some things we would be wise to listen to the advice I am giving here.

I have worked with other non-profits in Birmingham with efforts including HIPAA, business operations, physical security and more. We have started a number of small businesses and have guided others in starting small businesses that in many cases are furthering one of our missions to bring hope to the hopeless within our city.

I am revamping my blog to bring the skills and experience I have gained in cyber security together with the information and knowledge I have gained of the nuances of starting and running a non-profit.