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The Capital One breach and what we should really be talking about

I’m not going to try and write anything regarding the attack vector, Erick Johnson did that well here: I’m not going to give an executive overview, Krebs did that well here: I really just want to bring up something I haven’t heard enough people talking about, detection. There has been lots of conversation ... Read More

WannaCry – Sifting Through The Hype

There has already been a number of blog posts and analysis of the WannaCry ransomware attack.  I am not going to attempt to add any detail to that.  I do find it helpful to have a consolidated list of well sourced resources. Bottom Line Rollout MS17-010 to any systems that don’t have it If you ... Read More

Study: Cost of Data Breaches Increasing

Cross posted from where I am a regular author. A study published by Ponemon Institute, and sponsored by IBM, purported that the average total cost of data breaches increased 15% in the last year to $3.5 million, or $145 per record containing protected information.  The study included participants from 314 companies in at least 10 ... Read More

Verizon Breach Report 2013: What does it mean for your organization?

Cross posted from where I am a regular author. Each year Verizon releases their Breach Report; it is sort of a state of the union with regard to last year’s breaches.  It is worthy research to help determine the industry trends that could help steer the budgets and focus of IT departments.  This year’s ... Read More

Target Data Breach Timeline

Cross posted from where I am a regular author. Updated: Originally posted by the WSJ, and sourced here from Business Insider, Target had warning last spring about a new emerging threat against POS systems.  Internal analysts requested additional scrutiny. Updated: According to an article posted on Krebsonsecurity “the initial intrusion into its systems was traced ... Read More