Top Cyber Security Concerns for Non Profits

Of course there could be a number of items on this list, and many that are important.  These are the top cyber security concerns that I see for non profits right now (and any business of similar size).  Attackers look for easy targets.  Sure it is possible to compromise even the most hardened enterprise systems, ... Read More

Cyber Security and Non Profits

Running a non-profit is much like running a small business, and it also has many unique challenges.  In a small business, it is easy to justify overhead spending on IT equipment as a necessity to running the business even during times of fiscal struggle.  In a non-profit, when you have to weigh spending money on ... Read More

Windows Event Forwarding/Collector Resources

Depending on your SIEM you are going to have different requirements here.  For some SIEMs, there is no issue with EPS and only the number of devices.  In that case, this will immediately reduce your licensing needs by allowing you to watch Events from Servers and/or workstations from a single (or few) devices.  You can ... Read More

The Hitlist: Compliance

This post is focused on compliance and cyber security.  What we mean is if your organization is attempting to become compliant to an industry standard or regulation, these are things that will have to be considered and more than likely implemented across the board for things such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO27k, FISMA and more.  Here ... Read More

Heartbleed: What you need to know

Summary Heartbleed is a serious vulnerability that can allow attackers to intercept secure communications.  Email, Websites, VPNs, and other trusted security technologies are at risk – passwords and encryption keys can be breached.  You most likely have something that is affected.  What to do Update anything using OpenSSL, see below for more information. Check to see ... Read More

Trustwave Global Security Report 2014

Cross posted from where I am a regular author. The Trustwave Global Security Report for 2014 was recently released.  There are a number of very useful and insightful statistics in this report, which we can corroborate, based on our assessments of numerous organizations’ networks.  We wanted to highlight a few of these statistics below: Top 10 ... Read More

Study: Cost of Data Breaches Increasing

Cross posted from where I am a regular author. A study published by Ponemon Institute, and sponsored by IBM, purported that the average total cost of data breaches increased 15% in the last year to $3.5 million, or $145 per record containing protected information.  The study included participants from 314 companies in at least 10 ... Read More

Tips for Spotting a Phishing Email

Cross posted from where I am a regular author. Every day users are targeted with phishing emails from all around the world.  These emails can range from overtly “spammy” and easy to detect, to quite sophisticated an difficult to notice.  We have found that this is typically the least defended position in an organization, ... Read More