The Switch to Chip & Pin: Will it change anything?

Cross posted from where I am a regular author. Chip & PIN, the future of credit cards Late next year the U.S. will finally catch upto the rest of the world when it comes to credit card transactions.  Customers will no longer be signing credit card receipts, instead they will enter a PIN, similar ... Read More

Password gets the boot, 123456 reigns supreme

Cross posted from where I am a regular author. 2013 crowned a new champion of the #1 password based on passwords collected from data breaches.  The top password for 2012 was ‘password,’ but 2013 announces that ‘123456,’ reigns supreme. SplashData, a security firm, releases their findings each year of the top passwords discovered from ... Read More

Target Data Breach Timeline

Cross posted from where I am a regular author. Updated: Originally posted by the WSJ, and sourced here from Business Insider, Target had warning last spring about a new emerging threat against POS systems.  Internal analysts requested additional scrutiny. Updated: According to an article posted on Krebsonsecurity “the initial intrusion into its systems was traced ... Read More

Vertical Bar Graph with XSLT in Data View Web Part (DVWP)

As part of a recent project, I needed to create a dashboard page for the requests for executive management. However, since the data was in a list and not a database this was easier said than done. So I started off by researching my options and I found this post on MSDN. This post explains ... Read More

Powershell Delete Files After X Days and Keep Log

I have been managing a project to develop a simple app to upload files to a web server. In order to do this with the way we were managing state, we had to temporarily store the file on the server until submit. This posed a problem with files that were put in temp, but then ... Read More

Example CAML queries for SharePoint Designer

I have recently been working on a project the deals heavily with XSLT and DVWPs. One thing to keep in mind is that data manipulation done in XSLT is done client side and thus slows load times. This is especially the case if you are just the equivalent of a SELECT * in your CAML ... Read More

SharePoint 2010 Licensing Quick Reference

–Updated 2/2/2011 Added a few additional reference links at the end. –Updated 1/18/2011 Added Windows Server 2008 External Connector to licensing lists for public facing sites. I have tried to compile a list of sources to help simplify (or least consolidate) information on SharePoint 2010 Licensing. This is a good reference for what is/is not included ... Read More

Catch 22 for Approval Workflow in SharePoint Designer

–I began blogging on this, and found someone else’s blogpost from Dec 2010 who also blogged on this exact topic.  Though I never saw his blog post prior to writing this, credit to Lars Nielson.  I ran into an interesting dilemma while working on my most recent project.  The project involved a number of document ... Read More

Modify the Search Refinement Panel in SharePoint Without Code

The goal of this exercise is to add/modify the refinement panel web part on a search results page in SharePoint 2010.  No code required.  Keep in mind that customization of the OSSSearchResults.aspx page is unsupported. So in my example, I created a Search Center site, and pointed my contextual search to the Search Center. This way ... Read More

F5 redirecting SharePoint sites from HTTP to HTTPS

So I am setting up a standard 5 server SharePoint 2010 farm (2WFE, 1 App, 2 Clustered DB Servers) for a client.  The client is giving me the minimal security permissions for setup and installation, so my troubleshooting options are limited. I have the farm setup and Central Admin running, so today I created the ... Read More